CAS4 + Programmer

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CAS 4 + Programmer including MC9S12XEP100 (5M48H)










New MC9S12XEP100 processor ——- ——- ——– (mask 5M48H) ——— New —–

Who don´t know the problem of useless programming tools like so-called “China Fakes”?

This problem is resolved forever with this CAS 4 + programmer !

Now you can reset to 0 kilometers / miles by this world famous programmer.It is only necassary to push the buttom for reset the mileage in CAS4 + with the processor (MC9S12XEP100) and the processor mask (5M48H). This programmer will automatically decode the dump and you will able to read the stored data in the D-flash and set the mileage to 0 km / mls.

You can program the eeprom in the instrument cluster for mileage without replacing the EEPROM with this new programmer.

Now you are able to program the CAS 4 in complete BMW (F-series) family

BMW 1 Series – F20 and F21 Model – 2013

BMW X1 Series – E84 Model – 2013

BMW 3 Series – F30, F31 and F35 Model – 2013

BMW X3 Series – F25 Model – 2013

BMW 5 Series – F10, F11 and F18 Model – 2013

BMW X5 Series – F15 Model – 2013

BMW 6 Series – F13/F12 Model – 2013

BMW X6 Series – F16 Model – 2013

BMW 7 Series – F01, F02, F03 and F04 Model – 2013

BMW GT Series – F07 Model – 2013

–This concern all BMW with CAS4 + (MC9S12XEP100) with mask (5M48H) + CAS 4 (MC9S12XDP512) with mask (1L15Y)–

Furthermore, you are able to program, locked and unlocked Motorola Freescale processors.

Freescale / Motorola (MC68HC912D60A (2K38K), MC68HC912DC128 (0K50E), MC68HC912DG128 (5H55W), MC68HC912DC128A (3K91D), MC68HC912DG128A (3K91D), MC9S12D64 (2L86D), MC9S12DB128B (0L85D), MC9S12DG128B (0L85D), MC9S12DT128B (0L85D), MC9S12DT128B (1L85D), MC9S12DT128B (3L40K), MC9S12A128B (0L85D), MC9S12H128 (1K78X), MC9S12DG256C (2K79X), MC9S12DP256C (2K79X), MC9S12DT256C (2K79X), MC9S12H256 (1K78X), MC9S12XDP512 (1L15Y), MC9S12XEP100 with the mask (5M48H )

Now it’s also possible to change this Eeprom types

M35080, M35080-3, M35080-6, M35080-VP, M35080-V6, D80D0WQ, 160D0WQ

without replacing the EEPROM.

You are not just buying a product – you will purchase for our product a technical support provides around the clock in 24 hours for the incredible price of 899, – €.

The units are limited, so order now!

All reasons why you should buy:

- Programming of latest generation of processors

- Easy programming using the latest software and hardware

- Updateable Programming Tool

- 24-hour support

- Warranty on all products

- Made in Germany

The price of this sensation is 899,- Euro!!!!

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