Speedometer Enigma Tool


About speedometer: The Enigma odometer tool is currently the world’s best tool for odometer programming which is available on the market. With this device you are able to program nearly any vehicle.

Due to the superior development team the Enigma tool includes currently the most complete vehicle list. The handling of this tool is much more simple and user friendly than conventional devices. Through high-resolution image instructions and impressive diagnostic software the speedometer adjustment will be carried out easily just in a few steps also for a layman. Digital odometer repair as well as odometer programming all control devices contained in the vehicle will be no longer a problem.



The most important key features od the Speedometer Enigma Tool:

  • Easy handling with advanced software and high-resolution image instructions
  • 12 months guarantee, except application errors
  • Software updates and expansion possible in a few minutes via Internet
  • Programming of control units
  • Most complete list of vehicles worldwide
  • Support in 7 languages (see below)
  • Free training for purchase of the Enigma odometer tool

Customer Support for the Enigma odometer tool

A specialized service team is available around the clock in 7 languages (German, English, Spanish, Croatian, Greek, Portuguese and Russian). Please use our contact options via Hotline, Messenger or Email. Technical support and also training are part of the free service.

Latest informations on software developments and updates will be provided regularly and for free.

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