Specials of Enigma odometer programmer


The Enigma odometer programmer has some specials that lead to the fact that this toolkit is one of the best (or even THE best) out there!


eeprom pin checkmicroprocessor checkreading data files via OBDeeprom/MCU

Specials of Enigma odometer programmer:

The eeprom pin check
Next to the main features the Enigma odometer programmer has an integrated eeprom facilitiy check that informs you which pin isn’t connected. This means that you never can manipulate any eeprom while reading or writing.

Specials of Enigma odometer programmer:

The microprocessor check
With our machine you have the possibility to check the connections to the MCU. This method is very safe because the device doesn’t try to read the MCU if it reports an error.

Specials of Enigma odometer programmer:

Reading data files via OBD
Sometimes it is possible to read the instrument cluster eeprom without removing it. If you have to work out the login pin this is very helpful, using the OBD connection.

Specials of Enigma odometer programmer:

Without restrictions: reading, writing and copying with the Enigma – we provide a full version of the eeprom and microprocessor reader, writer, copier and editor. Saving the filename and storing them in the internal memory is very easy. We cannot encrypt your filenames.

Enigma Programmer Equipment
35080 Super ERASER
With the special adapter A11 – Super Eraser you can read and write all kinds of M35080 and M35160 memories.
The eraser is very safe for programmed devices and erasing and programming takes only a few seconds. You don’t need to desolder eeproms from board any more, you only have to clip the eeprom and the eraser does the rest.

Here you can buy a further sensation an the market: The CC 35080 Programmer

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